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12/17/2021 - New Canopy MLS mobile app available / Discontinuation of GoMLS

Earlier this year Canopy MLS partnered with Prospects Software to provide the industry’s leading mobile MLS application, **MLS Touch**. More and more agents as well as clients began using this new app, and the number of users of our previous app, GoMLS, are declining. As such, **GoMLS will be discontinued in March 202…

Realist Mobile Login

As of March 2020, the Realist Mobile app has been disabled. For access to public records on a mobile device you can either login to Matrix through your browser of choice and select "Public Records" or you can log into the MLS- Touch app and you will find a "Realist® Tax Data" tab on each listing.

Mobile Options for Canopy MLS Access

**[MLS-Touch®][1]** ### ![][2] MLS-Touch gives you the tools you need to stay connected to critical listing data, tax data, and client activities while you're on the go. Contacts, favorites, sent listings, carts, and saved searches automatically sync with MLS-Touch. You can create your own branded app and give your …

Know the Difference between Manufactured and Modular Homes

Licensees are expected to know the difference between manufactured homes, manufactured buildings, and stick-built structures and to make the appropriate disclosures to the world at large. This includes not only prospective buyers, but lenders and appraisers, as well. All manufactured homes and buildings will have a se…

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