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08/14/2018 - Entering Coming Soon-No Show Listings
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Be VERY CAREFUL when entering the Marketing Date on a Coming Soon-No Show listing.
The system will automatically switch your listing from Coming Soon-No Show status to Active status on the Marketing Date you enter.
If you accidentally enter the incorrect Marketing Date and the system switches your listing to Active, there is no switching back to Coming Soon-No Show status.
Once your listing has gone to Active status, the cat is out of the bag, the horse is out of the barn, Elvis has left the building, and it’s too late to go back.
If you’ve made this mistake, your options are:
  • Put the listing in Temporarily Off Market status until your intended Marketing Date (keeping in mind that Days on Market will accrue).
  • ​Withdraw your listing and re-enter it as Active on your intended Marketing Date, keeping in mind that the system will not allow you to enter a new listing at the same address in Coming Soon-No Show status for 90 days.  Be forewarned that your seller may receive solicitations from brokers who farm for withdrawn and expired listings.  Also, if the property is listed and is being marketed with a coming-soon sign or in print or online, but it is not in the MLS, the Seller Authorization to Withhold Listing form must be submitted to Canopy MLS within 48 hours (excluding holidays and weekends) from the Effective Date or the Delayed Marketing Date (if applicable).
  • Let the listing stay in Active status and indicate “no showings until xx date” in the Public Remarks.  You can also impose a showing block in ShowingTime.  Be careful, though.  If your seller or you allow even one showing prior to that date, you might be accused of misrepresenting the availability of the property for showing, which is a violation of the Canopy MLS Rules and Regulations and the Realtor® Code of Ethics.
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