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08/26/2019 - Temporarily Off-Market status no longer accrues Days on Market!
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Starting Tues., Aug. 27, Temporarily Off-Market (TEMP) status will no longer accrue Days on Market (DOM) or Cumulative Days on Market (CDOM)!  If relisted as a new listing with a new MLS number, the next listing’s CDOM will reset to zero if the TEMP Date is greater than 90 days, even if the listing expired or was withdrawn more recently.

We have also updated the definitions for TEMP and Withdrawn status in the Canopy MLS Rules and Regulations.

  • Agents should use TEMP status if the listing contract remains in force between the listing broker and the seller, but the listing is not currently being marketed through the MLS. The status must be changed in the MLS within two business days of seller notifying the listing brokerage. Under this status there are no property showings or open houses, and sign removal is not required.  DOM and CDOM do not accrue while in this status. The listing must be returned to Active if showings are resumed. A listing in TEMP status may not be listed with another firm, and it will automatically change to Expired status on the expiration date. 
  • Agents should use Withdrawn status when the listing contract has been terminated (no longer in force) prior to the expiration of the term of the contract. Only Member Participants with head-broker or office-broker permissions in the MLS system can withdraw listings. A listing in Withdrawn status may be listed with another firm. Withdrawn listings cannot be returned to “Active” status.

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