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Auto-Email Deactivation
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Auto-Email Deactivation


An Auto-Email can be deactivated one of three ways:

  • The MLS user can manually deactivate the Auto-Email under the "My Matrix" tab.
  • The client can Opt-Out/Unsubscribe from the Auto-Email.
    • Note: See our resubscribing articles for clients and agents if an address has been unsubscribed and would like to receive emails again.
  • It can be automatically deactivated by the Matrix System due to OneHome client portal limitations or inactivity.


Limited to 500 Listings
The OneHome client portal has a limit of 500 listings per search. If at any point the Auto-Email search generates more than 500 listings, the search will be deactivated by the system immediately, and the MLS user will receive an email stating:

“Your Matrix Auto-Email has automatically been deactivated because your search returned more than the limit of 500 listings. Please go to your Auto-Emails under the ‘My Matrix’ tab to narrow your search and re-activate auto-email. If needed, you can set up more than one search for a single client.”

Time Limit for Client Activation
When the Auto-Email is initially sent to the client, the client has 30 days to access the ‘Welcome Email’ and enter the Client Portal to officially activate the Auto-Email. If the client fails to activate the Auto-Email within 30 days, the Auto-Email will be deactivated. One week before the Auto-Email is deactivated, the MLS user will receive an email notification stating:

“This is a courtesy notice that (your contact) has not activated your Auto-Email notification. To ensure delivery, take the following steps: 1. Have your client check his or her spam folder for email from the domain, You may also want to have your client add * to his or her safe sender list to avoid Matrix emails from being caught in spam. 2. Resend the Auto-Email notification: Go to ‘My Matrix’> Auto-Emails> click the drop-down arrow next to the Auto-Email> select ‘Resend Welcome’ from the toolbar.”

Deactivation Due to Inactivity
Once the Auto-Email is activated by the client, the client will start receiving the Auto-Email notifications on the schedule specified by the MLS user. If the client does not visit his or her OneHome portal from one of these Auto-Email notifications within 180 days, the Auto-Email will be deactivated. After 90 days, and again after 173 days of inactivity, the MLS user will receive an email notification stating:

“This is to notify you that (your contact) has not viewed the Matrix Auto-Email during the last (90/173) days. In an effort to reduce the occurrence of major email providers from blacklisting emails sent from Matrix, we disable such inactive Auto-Emails after 180 days. As part of the effort to improve overall email deliver-ability, if you would like this Auto-Email account to remain active, please contact (your contact) and advise him or her to visit his or her OneHome portal to keep the Auto-Email active.”

Discovering Why an Auto-Email Was Deactivated
If you have an Auto-Email that was ‘Disabled’ and you are unsure of the cause, go to ‘My Matrix’> Auto-Emails> Select the Auto-Email and select ‘Settings’> the top of the Settings screen displays the status information. The status will read:
Status: Disabled by Agent (Manually disabled)
Status: Disabled by Client (Unsubscribed)
Status: Disabled (Disabled by system)

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