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Mobile Options for Canopy MLS Access
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MLS-Touch gives you the tools you need to stay connected to critical listing data, tax data, and client activities while you're on the go.  Contacts, favorites, sent listings, carts, and saved searches automatically sync with MLS-Touch.  You can create your own branded app and give your clients access to all on-market listings, straight from your MLS!  You can share suggested listings as well as track client activities and favorites in MLS-Touch as well.  This app also features 2-way sync with OneHome - if your clients save a listing as a "favorite" in the app or in their portal, that saved listing will automatically appear in the other service.  


Watch this video to learn moreMLS-Touch is a member benefit, available to you at no additional cost.


MLS-Touch is available for download in the App Store (iOS), or the Play Store (Android).  Want to know more?  Click here to visit the website

Matrix™ Mobile

Web based version of Matrix™ (used on a mobile device web browser) with limited access; this is not an app. Matrix™ Mobile view should be the standard view on a mobile browser but there's a Mobile tab at the top of all your Matrix™ screens. 



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