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07/21/2020 - A note on our recent service updates
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On Monday, July 13, Matrix received some much needed updates. This Matrix update caused a few minor issues that have since been resolved including an issue with mapping, one with spam reporting, a bad connection to ShowingTime and a problem with exporting a custom single line display. Overall this was a successful update with relatively minor problems occurring.


On Tuesday, July 14, our security system (commonly referred to as Clareity) also received what should have been a minor update. During this update, our provider made changes to our login procedures that we did not request or authorize.  These changes caused problems for many users that mostly centered around the fact that most users have their login pages cached in their PCs. Canopy MLS Support responded to hundreds of calls last week to assist members with clearing their browser caches.  We continue to work with our provider to resolve any outstanding issues.


In addition to these updates, on Sunday, July 19, there was a login problem for all members who use AT&T as their Internet service provider. This problem was largely out of our control and has also been resolved.


If you continue to experience problems logging in to Matrix, please contact MLS Support at 704-940-3159 while at your computer, and our staff will work through the issue until it is resolved. 


We apologize for these interruptions in service and are doing our best to avoid their reoccurrence.


Steve Byrd
VP/CTO | MLS Information Technology

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