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Matrix Images - A Guide
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These instructions are intended to be used by a photographer (amateur, professional, or otherwise) who will be providing images for use on a listing entered into Matrix. 


File Type: Matrix only accepts images that are either .jpg or .jpeg.  Other file types (even if they are built on the .jpg standard, such as .png) will not be accepted by the system.


File Size: The maximum file size of any specific image is 6MB.  Images larger than this will be rejected by the MLS.


Image Dimensions: Matrix saves all listing images at 2048 pixels wide x 1536 pixels tall, so this is the recommended minimum size.  The maximum dimensions that Matrix will accept are 3000 pixels by 3000 pixels.  Images where either dimension is larger than 3000 pixels may fail to upload.

Note: Listings that are not in the exact ratio of 2048x1536 pixels (4 parts wide to 3 parts tall) but both dimensions are larger than these numbers may be highlighted by the system as being “smaller than the recommended minimum.”  This is simply an indication that the image in use has had white space added either to the sides or to the top and bottom of the image in order to fill the frame and bring the dimensions into the 4x3 ratio without skewing the actual image itself.  Images like this can be used without any issues or errors.


Color Representation: Matrix processes all images using the sRGB color profile. Images with no Color Representation specified may be used, but images with an “Uncalibrated” Color Representation or any other listed standard may be “color shifted” or lose quality during upload.


sRGB example:

sRGB image example

Uncalibrated example:

Uncalibrated image example
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