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02/13/2019 - Updated Listing Input Forms Now Available
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Our Listing Input Sheets have been updated and are ready for you to use.  Find these forms by clicking the “Resources” tab in the Matrix toolbar, then clicking “CarolinaMLS Forms”.  Each form can be filled in digitally or printed out at your leisure.

As part of our effort to streamline the listing input process in Matrix, we have gone through our forms and input pages line-by-line to ensure every field exactly matches the MLS.  You may have noticed in the past that the order for some selections differed between the forms and the MLS, or that older “legacy” selections that had been removed from the MLS were still appearing in the forms.  The newly-published forms now match the MLS exactly, which should make the transfer from page to screen that much simpler.

Give the forms a try today!

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