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09/04/2019 - Use the correct Tax Location for your listings!
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If a property you list is NOT in the incorporated limits of a municipality (a city, town or village), the Tax Location should be the COUNTY where the property is located.  Tax Location has NOTHING to do with the mailing address or zip code of the property.   Instead, Tax Location shows whether the real property is assessed city and county taxes (Tax Location is the city) or only county taxes (Tax Location is the county).  Incorrect information in this field is a disservice to your clients.  

Take for instance a buyer who is looking for acreage in Catawba County that is not within any city limits. Their agent would create a search that includes “Catawba” in the Tax Location field.  If a listing agent has a lot with a “Hickory” mailing address but does not pay taxes to the city of Hickory, the tax location for the listing should be “Catawba.”  If the listing agent incorrectly put “Hickory” in the Tax Location field, the listing would not show up in the buyer’s search, and a sale could be missed!

If Tax Location is not listed, request that it be added to the system.  You can do this by clicking the gray question mark icon to the left of the Tax Location field and submitting a request through the form in the pop-up window.

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