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Choose your company and web site name carefully!
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If you are thinking of starting a real estate company or getting a web site, be careful when choosing the name.  The Canopy Realtor® Association (the association) and Canopy MLS may object to certain company and web site names.

Why? It is the mission of both the association and Canopy MLS to protect the role of the Realtor® and the multiple listing service and to ensure that the public understands the value Realtors® bring to real estate transactions.  Some company or web site names may deceive the public into believing that a company is affiliated with or endorsed by the association or Canopy MLS.  In addition, some web site names lead the public into believing that the MLS is being searched or viewed when it is not.


SECTION 12.5: OBJECTIONABLE COMPANY AND WEBSITE NAMES: Member Participants and Subscribers must not indicate or imply in any medium that they operate a multiple listing service. Canopy MLS reserves the right to object to any company name or website name proposed by a current or potential Member Participant or Subscriber, which name in Canopy MLS’ sole discretion is confusingly similar to any name used in commerce by Canopy MLS and that Canopy MLS believes could leave the public confused. Names or phrases that Canopy MLS might find objectionable could include “MLS,” “Charlotte Regional,” “Canopy MLS,” or any combination when used together or in such close proximity to each other anywhere in their website address (URL) or their website name that it could cause confusion. The use of the words “Multiple” (or “Multi”) “Listing” (or “List”) or “Service” (or “System”) together or in any combination in a website address (URL) or website name is also prohibited.


Canopy Realtor® Association/Canopy MLS staff will record the rejection of a company or website name proposed by a current or future Member Participant or Subscriber at the time of membership application or when the member first proposes the use of such company or website name.


If a potential new Member Participant or Subscriber refuses to change his/her company or website name to something less objectionable, the Canopy Realtor® Association/Canopy MLS Member Services Department will advise the applicant that he/she will not be allowed to attend orientation and therefore, he or she will not receive access to Supra Keys or Canopy MLS until the name is reviewed by the Canopy Realtor® Association or Canopy MLS Board of Directors at the next regularly scheduled meeting.


When a current Member Participant or Subscriber chooses a new company or website name found to be objectionable, the Member Participant or Subscriber (as well as the Subscriber’s Member Participant) will be notified that if use of the objectionable name does not cease within five business days, access to MLS will be terminated for the Member Participant or Subscriber. Additionally, the IDX data feed will be terminated for the Member Participant or Subscriber’s Member Participant. [Policy approved February 2003] (Amended 10-06)


SECTION 12.6: USE OF THE TERM MLS: Member Participants and Subscribers shall not use the term “MLS” “multiple listing service” or any derivatives to represent or imply that the public will have access to the MLS on their own websites or on any advertising in any media. The only acceptable use of the term MLS is for a Member Participant or Subscriber to indicate they are a member of the MLS or to describe the services they provide.

Association/Canopy MLS staff uses this chart to determine if a web site name is objectionable.  


Use of the words Charlotte Regional, Canopy MLS, Multiple Listing(s), MultiList or Listing(s) or the letters MLS or any combination thereof, anywhere in the name.


Use of the words CarolinaHome(s).[anything]

Will not object*

Use of the words:






The only exception to the above is use of the word Multiple Listing(s), MultiList or Listing(s), or the letters MLS or any combination thereof, anywhere in the name.


This policy is not all-inclusive and Canopy MLS reserves the right to object to any other names at its sole discretion.


If you have questions or concerns contact Debbie Wey.   


Using “Realtor®” Correctly. The term Realtor® – whether used as part of a domain name, web site name, e-mail address or in some other fashion – can refer ONLY to a member or a member’s firm.  “Realtor®” cannot be used with descriptive words or phrases and cannot refer to a city or town.  The same holds true for the e-mail address.  


The following are examples of acceptable usage:
[email protected]


These are not acceptable:
[email protected] 
[email protected]


Click here for more information from the National Association of Realtors®. 

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