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Showing requests for non-keyholders
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Canopy MLS does not require MLS subscribers to lease an electronic key or place a lockbox on a property.  If a subscriber places a lockbox on a property, however, it must be an “approved” lockbox that is accessible to all other subscribers (see Canopy MLS Listing Accessibility Rule and Policy). 


When a subscriber chooses not to lease an electronic key, the subscriber is greatly reducing his or her access to MLS listed properties.  More than likely, the subscriber who does not lease an electronic key will contact the listing agent to gain access to the property.  The listing agent will be asked to open the property for the subscriber and his/her client.  Many agents become frustrated that they are being asked to drive to a property to let another agent in for a showing.  Many agents refuse to open the property. 


While there is no Canopy MLS rule against this, Realtors® under the Code of Ethics pledge to protect and promote the interest of their client.  As a fiduciary, a real estate agent is obligated to use reasonable care and diligence in pursuing their principal’s affairs.


An argument can be made on both sides that the agent who does not lease a key is doing a disservice to his principal and that the agent who will not open the door for the non-keyholding agent, is not diligently pursing their principal’s affairs.


While Canopy MLS cannot demand that a subscriber lease a key nor can we demand that an agent open up a property for another, there are arguments to be made that one or both agents could be found in violation of the Code of Ethics.

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