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Major Changes introduced in the new Canopy MLS Matrix system
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This article presents a summary of the most significant changes made as part of the Canopy MLS transition to an MLS database that is fully compliant with the RESO Data Dictionary standard.  


  1. The Single Family and Condo/Townhouse property categories have been combined into a single Residential property type.
    • The selection of “Condo/Townhouse” has now been split into three options: Condominium, Townhouse, and Stock Cooperative (formerly Co-op).
  2. The Commercial property category has been split into separate property types for Commercial Sale and Commercial Lease.
  3. The Type and Style fields have been split into five fields:
    • Type: The overriding type of dwelling, such as Single family, Condominium, Duplex, etc.
    • Levels: The number of Stories or Levels in the dwelling.  These options were previously listed in the “Type” field.
    • Basement YN: Whether or not the property has a basement.  The presence of a basement was previously listed in the “Type” field, connected to each “Level” option.
    • Additional SubTypes: Other options to describe the type of dwelling.  More than one option can be selected in this field.  The options available in this field are dependent on the selection made in the “Type” field.
    • Architectural Style: Used to describe the construction style of the dwelling.
  4. Reporting Rooms has been updated so that:
    • Room Type: is now the primary selection.  At least one room must be reported on all listings.
    • Room Level: is now assigned for each selected room.  This is required for each selected room.
    • Room Dimensions: The width and length of each room can be reported in feet and inches now.  This is option for each selected room.
    • Room features: Features specific to each room can now be indicated.  This is optional for all selected rooms.
  5. Listing Images will now be saved at up to 2048 x 1536 pixels, up from 1024 x 768 pixels in the previous system.  These larger format images will be made available to all websites and 3rd party data recipients.
  6. The Teams features of the MLS have been updated in the following ways:
    • Updating team rosters has been simplified.  The head of an office can now select a team record to see the full team roster, and add or remove agents as needed.
    • Agents who are inactive or who have left the firm can now be removed from team rosters by the head of the office, resolving an issue that required Canopy MLS Support staff assistance in these situations.
    • A new Team Search option has been added to the Roster menu, making finding teams and team members much simpler.
  7. Incomplete Listings will now be saved for a maximum of six months, and then removed from the system.  
  8. Anyone using the Matrix Frameable IDX search will need to update their IDX code in the MLS and on their website.  Follow these instructions in the new system to learn how.
  9. A new Listing Data Checker (LDC) system is being created to work with the new Matrix system.  The new LDC will be available approximately two weeks after the update to the MLS is released.  Click here if you'd like to know more.
  10. Many fields have been updated, renamed, combined with other fields, or removed from the system.  Examples of these include:
    • Parking: Several changes have been made regarding parking information for a property:
      • All options for Garage 1-4+ Car have been consolidated to Garage.  A new field has been added called # Garage Spaces.
      • All options for Carport 1-4+ Car have been consolidated to Carport. A new field has been added called # Carport Spaces.
      • All options for Parking Space 1-4 have been consolidated to Parking Space(s).  New fields have been added called # Open Parking Spaces, # Assigned Parking Spaces, and # Covered Spaces.
    • Equipment: All options have been moved to other fields, including Appliances, Laundry Features, Other Equipment, Utilities, Cooling, and Security Features.
    • Exterior Features: Many options have moved to new fields for HorseAmenities, Other Structures, and Fencing.
    • Foundation Details: Options relating to basement information have been moved to the new Basement field.
    • HVAC: The type of system has been separated from the fuel/power source.  Hot Water, Natural Gas, Propane, Electric must be selected separately.
    • HVAC: Options related to cooling have been moved to the new Cooling field.
    • Laundry Location This field is now named Laundry Features, and expanded with options from other fields.
    • Named Propsect(s) Exempted: This field has been removed from the system.  If there are prospects exempted from the terms of a listing agreement, select Exclusive Right with Exception, a new option in the Listing Agreement Type field.
    • View: This is a new field with options that from the Lot Description field.
    • Entry Level: Now named Entry Location in Building.
    • Doors and Windows: This field has been separated into Door Features and Window Features
    • Water Heater: This field has been removed and all options have been moved to the new Appliances field.

For a table listing of field and selection changes made in this conversion, see our Was there, Now here - A guide to finding items in the new Matrix system article.

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