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Auto-Emails and Saved Searches in our new Matrix system
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Most Auto-Emails and Saved Searches are working as expected; however, the criteria in some were affected by the conversion to our new RESO compliant Matrix system . 


First, take some time to review both your Auto-Emails and Saved Searches in Matrix.  Each list includes the date of the search's last use.  For Auto-Emails, this will be the most recent time your client has accessed the search:



For Saved Searches, this will include the date you last ran the search:



Clicking on "Portal Visit" or "My Last Run" will sort the list based on these dates - the first click will put the newest searches first, a second click will reverse the order and put the oldest searches first.  Searches that haven't been accessed in a while may no longer be needed.  If so, check the box to the left of any searches you do not need, then click the "Delete" button at the bottom left of the screen.  


Second, it is important to note that no search conversions are perfect.  It will be important to review your searches in the new system to make sure the criteria saved within them still finds the correct results for your clients' needs.  Some items that were listed together in a single field in our current system will be split into two fields in our new system - and this could change your search from one that asks for one out of several options, to one that asks for ALL of those options.


Here are a few issues to look for:


Manufactured and Modular:  Single Family searches that previously included Manufactured and Modular homes did not carry over that criteria.  To include Manufactured and Modular homes with your Single Family search, revise your Saved Search or Auto-Email to add the criteria in the Type field. 


Parking Features: Matrix has several new fields to describe parking information in a listing. You’ll want to review all of the options to ensure you are finding the listings your client needs. Searches that included multiple options for Carport OR Garage converted to search the Carport YN, Garage YN, #Garage Spaces, and #Carport Spaces fields simultaneously, which will likely yield zero results. Revise your saved search to include just the “must haves,” or set up separate searches. 


Levels/Basement:  Some of the options in our old Type field were moved to new fields – “Levels Above-Grade,” “BasementYN” and the “Basement” feature group.  


The Levels Above-Grade is to describe the number of levels from the ground up.  BasementYN tells whether the property has a basement, and the Basement feature group also has an option for “Basement.”  If a basement is optional for your buyer, leave the BasementYN field blank, and deselect “Basement” in the Basement feature group.

Waterfront or Water View:  If you had Waterfront or Water View selected in the Lot Description field, and wanted to see any listings that were Waterfront or Water View, now that Water View is located under the View field, the system will see that as and “and” scenario, and only retrieve listings where both Lot Description>Waterfront, and View>Water View are selected.  Now, to retrieve listings that are either Waterfront or Water View, two separate searches will need to be conducted.  


Condo/Townhouse:  The Condo/Townhouse category was split into three separate options – Condominium, Townhouse, Stock Cooperative.  Be sure to review your Saved Searches and Auto-Emails to ensure you are delivering the results your clients want. 


As you review your searches in the new system, you may come across some where you are unsure of what the original criteria was, or what the original intent of your search was.  Canopy MLS Support staff have access to copies of your searches in the old system after our conversion, and can provide you with a list of the criteria you used in that search.  You can then compare that against the search as it appears in the new system and make any updates as needed.  You can also reference our Knowledge Base articles that detail the changes that have taken place between the two systems:


Major Changes introduced in the new Canopy MLS Matrix system

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