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Display of Canopy MLS Statistics/Sold Listings
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Display of Canopy MLS Statistics/Sold Listings


Canopy MLS prefers to be the source of statistical information to the media. However, Canopy MLS Member Participants and Subscribers may make public representations or advertise statistical information and sold listings for a particular neighborhood. Any public representation/advertisement of Canopy MLS statistical information or sold listings must conform to the following requirements:

  • Canopy MLS must be cited as the source of the statistical information by including the disclaimer from Section 12 of the “Canopy MLS Rules and Regulations.” This disclaimer indicates that data is based on information from Canopy MLS, and specifies the date range and the area covered.
  • To prevent a violation of Article 12 of the Realtor® Code of Ethics, any public representation/advertisement of MLS statistical information or sold listings for a particular neighborhood must indicate that "Properties may be listed or sold by various participants of the MLS."
  • Member Participants and Subscribers must ensure that any retransmission of the statistical information includes the disclaimers.
  • Statistics on active listings must be based on more than one active listing; otherwise, it could be construed that the brokerage publishing the report is advertising another brokerage’s listing without permission.
  • When displaying another broker’s active listing online, such displays must comply with the Internet Data Exchange (IDX) or Virtual Office Website (VOW) rules.  Be sure to read Are you playing by the rules when posting other brokers' listings on social media.  The IDX/VOW programs do not apply to print advertising. If complying with the IDX or VOW rules is not possible then obtaining written permission from the listing broker-in-charge is required.

Sold content provided with RETS or web API: Canopy MLS provides sold content (i.e., those listings that have closed and have been reported as “Sold” in Canopy MLS’ online database, reflected as “Sold” status) with a web API data feed. The Canopy MLS Rules and Regulations Appendix A provides the rules for Internet display of sold data.

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