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General Listing Procedures
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Canopy MLS Subscribers must submit all listings to Canopy MLS, except under the following circumstances.

  1. Exclusive agency listings
  2. Properties for lease
  3. If the Seller refuses to permit the listing to be disseminated by the Service, the Listing Brokerage must submit a certification signed by the Seller that he/she does not desire the listing to be disseminated by the Service within two business days from the “Effective Date” (or if applicable the “Delayed Marketing Date” as it is known in North Carolina) or the beginning date of the term of the listing (for South Carolina). Canopy MLS recommends use of the “Firm Exclusive Agreement” form. 
  4. Listings of property located outside the Canopy MLS service area.
  5. Commercial listings
  6. Canopy MLS does not regulate the type of listings its members can take. However, Canopy MLS does not accept net or open listings.

Listings submitted to Canopy MLS must have these characteristics:

  • The subject of the listing must be real property for sale, exchange or rent. The MLS has had members who have tried to list businesses, manufactured homes on rented lots, campers, flea market booths and other non-real-property items for sale, but these items are not appropriate for the MLS. (See also Business for Sale or Lease.)
  • The listing must be subject to a real estate broker’s license. Canopy MLS Rules and Regulations requires all listings to be subject to a real estate broker-in-charge (BIC), and agents must be affiliated with a BIC in order to list. (See also Appraiser Listings.)
  • The listing must qualify for one of the following property categories: 1) Single Family, 2) Condo/Townhouse, 3) Multifamily, 4) Land, Lots & Acreage, 5) Commercial or 6) Rental.
  • The listing must be taken on an exclusive right to sell or an exclusive agency listing agreement.
  • The seller in the listing agreement must authorize the listing brokerage to offer cooperation and compensation to the other Member Participants of the MLS acting as sub-agents or buyer agents.
  • The listing agreement must be signed by both husband and wife, or if owned jointly, by all who have an ownership interest in the property.
  • The listing agreement and Property Data Form must be complete in every detail which is reasonably ascertainable.
  • The listing brokerage must include the full gross-listing price stated in the listing agreement in the listing submitted to Canopy MLS.
  • Listings submitted to Canopy MLS must include the final termination date as negotiated between the listing brokerage and the seller.

Any listing that Canopy MLS requires the listing brokerage to submit to the service, once signed by the seller(s), is subject to the Canopy MLS Rules and Regulations, and the listing brokerage must input the listing within 48 hours (excluding holidays and weekends) of the “Effective Date” or the “Delayed Marketing Date” as each term is defined in the listing agreement.

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