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Checking your Apple operating system version number

Apple currently produces two operating systems, each of which receives separate updates. To see which version you are currently using, and to check if updates to this operating system are available, follow the instructions below: Mac OS X: OS X is the operating system used on Apple laptops (such as MacBooks) and des…

Realist Mobile Login

As of March 2020, the Realist Mobile app has been disabled. For access to public records on a mobile device you can either login to Matrix through your browser of choice and select "Public Records" or you can log into the MLS- Touch app and you will find a "Realist® Tax Data" tab on each listing.

ShowingTime mobile app

**Get Started with Mobile ShowingTime:** ![][1] [1]:

The “Realtor® Tools/Resources” widget

![][1] The "Realtor® Tools" widget displays a list of links to third party services and resources. There are many powerful or useful tools here, and encompass a wide variety of options. Some services a provided to you by Canopy MLS (such as Courthouse Retrieval and Realist Tax Search), others are provided free by you…

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