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Map Locate Listing
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Matrix™ Add/Edit - Mapping a Listing

The new Matrix RESO DD system can automatically generate the Latitude and Longitude for your listing based off the property address. Once the required address information is entered, the listing agent can select Get Lat/Long from Address under the map. This mapping feature can make obtaining the latitude and longitude information easier but the listing agent is still required to take a moment and verify the pin is in the correct location on the map.

If the map automatically populates in the incorrect location and adjustments are needed, the agent can enter the latitude/longitude manually or adjust the location pin using a map. Also, insufficient property address information (such as lots without street numbers) will not generate accurate mapping and will result in manual mapping. To verify or manually pin point the listing, select the Set Lat/Long manually option under the map and this window will populate:

1. Enter the address in the Locate Address section (it already may be there), click Locate.

2. The map will center on the address entered, but you will not see a pin automatically mapping the property. You will have to Click in the middle of the parcel (the map) , a pin and caption will appear with the address and owner. If this is the correct parcel click Done. The map will change and display a property pin of the listing on the map. This will automatically fill in the latitude and longitude.

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