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Add Virtual Tour to Listing
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Adding a Virtual Tour 

❶ Start by editing your listing...

- From the Matrix navigation menu, click the “Add/Edit” tab

- To access your listing use one of the following methods; 

     1) use the Quick Modify section drop down to "Select a Listing",

     2) type in the MLS# in the Quick Modify section and click Edit or, 

     3) Choose "Edit Listing" option to search for your listing.

- On the next page Modify Listing,  click the PropertyType add/edit link (Example: Single Family Add/Edit)

  Click the section "Listing Agent and Listing Office" tab; in this section the "Unbranded Virtual Tour" and  "Branded Virtual Tour" fields are toward the bottom of the page.


FYI - The virtual tour link displays as a movie reel below the photo when viewing a listing in full display.

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