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2024 Canopy MLS Dashboard and Matrix Security Changes
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What security changes are being implemented?

The ability for users to change a password and reset a forgotten password for the Canopy MLS Dashboard/Matrix has not changed. However, if a user requires assistance from Canopy MLS Support, we can no longer provide forgotten passwords directly, through any means of communication.


Rather, Canopy MLS Support will initiate an email to the user’s email address on file, that will come from [email protected] and contain a password reset link. If the user does not receive the password reset email, first be sure to check the spam folder. If the issue is loss of access to the email address on file, then staff will send a text message to the mobile phone on file to which the user must respond, and then MLS staff can update the email address.


If all these authentication methods fail, additional identity verification will be required to assist the user. Canopy MLS Support will help restore access as quickly as possible, and request your patience.


Why can’t Canopy MLS Support Specialists provide a password to a call-in user?

Hackers use artificial intelligence to simulate voices. If a caller fails to answer their secret questions, and cannot receive emails or text messages to the contact information on file, there is reason to be wary.


When do the security changes go into effect?

The password reset email described above was implemented February 22. The second change was implemented April 2, which ensures the new member registration process is more secure, as described below.


Why are the security changes necessary?

There has been a rise in security incidents that have impacted all types of businesses.


Our MLS system vendor CoreLogic is implementing security updates for Canopy MLS and all their other MLS clients. These security updates ensure that we are staying current with industry standards to increase our security, protect the MLS platform and the value of the real estate data. It is vital to prevent unauthorized access to the MLS platform itself.


How can I prepare for the security changes?

  1. Verify through the RAMCO Dashboard that you have provided up-to-date, direct contact information. (An added benefit is that some products depend on a unique email address or mobile phone number to work, such as Builders Update and Forewarn).
  2. Users and brokerages should ensure that their email account is not blocking [email protected] (the password reset email), or filtering it as spam. Read: How to make sure you will receive All Canopy emails
  3. Never share your MLS password with anyone, for any reason, even for the purpose of paying Association Dues or MLS Fees.  If someone needs to make a payment on your behalf, they should call Canopy Member Services to make the payment over the phone. 


How will new users be able to set up their password?

After the Member Services department processes a new application, the new user receives a welcome email from [email protected]. Within 60 minutes, the new user will also receive an email from [email protected] with a new, unique, timed URL (referred to as the “magic link”) to prompt the new user to set their secure access to the Canopy MLS Dashboard/Matrix. The “magic link” will be active for 48 hours. After initiating the set-up process, the new user will receive a third email with a security code for further authentication. If the new user does not receive the registration emails or waits longer than 48 hours to respond, contact [email protected] to have the registration link resent.

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