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Office Syndication for Member Participant

You have control over the Office Syndication page in Matrix which controls all the listings in your office. If you wish to review or edit the current values, please review this short video. You will need to know your Office's MLS ID. [Matrix™ Minute Syndication Settings for MP][1] Current Office value selections are…

DD Matrix IDX Configuration

Canopy MLS provides a frameable IDX search tool in Matrix™, but only active Member Participants and Subscribers of Canopy MLS can use it, and there are a few basic rules to follow. Canopy MLS staff enforces compliance with these rules. * The website that frames the IDX search tool must be under the actual and appar…

Where do my listings go? The ins and outs of Matrix and listing syndication

**Where do my listings go? The ins and outs of Matrix and listing syndication** Let’s say you are on a listing presentation. Do you have a list of websites where the listing will appear? You should. There are a number of pay-to-post companies to help with marketing, but Canopy MLS offers a few options that are includ…

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