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Where do my listings go? The ins and outs of Matrix and listing syndication
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Where do my listings go? The ins and outs of Matrix and listing syndication

Let’s say you are on a listing presentation.  Do you have a list of websites where the listing will appear?  You should.  There are a number of pay-to-post companies to help with marketing, but Canopy MLS offers a few options that are included with your member benefits.

Sellers decide

The Exclusive Right to Sell Listing Agreement in both N.C. and S.C. prompts sellers to answer the questions: Should the listing be displayed on the internet? Should the listing’s address be displayed on the internet?  Can the listing be used in Automated Valuation Models (AVM) that some websites may employ?  Is it okay for comments to be posted on websites about the listing?  There are five fields in the MLS that the listing agent must complete with the seller’s wishes, all of which are defaulted to “Yes.”

  • “Allow Internet Listing Display”
  • “Allow Internet Address Display”
  • “Allow Internet AVM”
  • “Allow Internet Comment”
  • “Allow Syndication” *This option allows the listing to be removed from syndication sites (not IDX or VOW) on a listing-by-listing basis.

Office participation

Next, Member Participants (MPs) must determine whether to have Canopy MLS deliver the office’s listing data to specified websites or publications.  Here is a one-minute video with instructions how to opt-in to distribute your office's listings to the websites or services your you choose. To access the Office Syndication settings page, you must be the MP of your office.  

1. Click on “Add/Edit” in the menu. 
2. Click “Edit Existing Office Roster.” 
3. Enter your office code and click “Modify.” 
4. Click “Office Syndication.” 
5. Enter a check next to each syndicator as desired. 
6. Click “Submit Office.”

Canopy MLS automatically delivers listing data to and Internet Data Exchange (IDX), but MPs can opt out.  IDX is a program where MPs give permission to display their listings on one another’s websites.

Canopy MLS can deliver listing data on an opt-in basis to syndication websites and publications listed, such as (powered by CoStar) and®.  If these services are selected, the MP may need to contact the service for additional information.  


ListHub syndication 

ListHub is also a data-delivery tool that Canopy MLS has made available as a benefit to the membership.  ListHub works with numerous websites (channels) that will allow brokers-in-charge (BICs) to display their listings.  Each BIC must complete the setup procedure at  Once your office is signed up, your listings will be displayed on websites such as wikiREALTY, HomeSpotter, kahping, LandWatch, etc.  There are over 154 participating publishers reaching homebuyers on more than 750 websites. 

New listings and updates are sent from Matrix to ListHub sites every 15 minutes.  For more statistical information on your ListHub listings, visit or contact ListHub at 877-847-3394

Syndication Remarks and Branded Virtual Tours

In addition to the five fields mentioned previously regarding the internet distribution of listings, there are two additional optional fields listing agents can complete that some publishers display. 

The “Syndication Remarks” and “Virtual Tour Branded” fields are sent to third party portals via ListHub or other partnerships. Remarks entered here are not subject to MLS rules regarding branding or advertising in a listing, but are subject to all other rules. If no remarks are entered here, data from the regular “Public Remarks” and “Unbranded Virtual Tour” fields will automatically be distributed instead.

Branded virtual tours and syndication remarks also do not appear on the Customer Report or Client Portal, but they are provided in the IDX data feed even though they are not required to be displayed.

Internet Data Exchange (IDX) Program

Consumers in the Carolinas can access timely, accurate and trustworthy property information listed by multiple Realtors® from a single agent website thanks to IDX.

Canopy MLS offers Participants and Subscribers the ability to display MLS active, under contract and closed listing information on the internet through the IDX program. Through IDX, Participants permit other Participants and Subscribers to advertise their active listings on one another's websites. Participants may include their listings in the IDX database without having their own websites. If a Participant chooses not to participate, his or her firm's listings cannot be displayed on any other member's website.

Brokers who participate in IDX can offer consumers the most comprehensive selection of active real estate listing information, and their listings are exposed on the websites of other brokers. Broker websites can effectively compete with national aggregators as comprehensive sources of online listing information.

IDX only applies to websites and mobile apps that display listings obtained via IDX data feed. 

IDX Display (Option 1) - Framable IDX Search Tool in Matrix™: Canopy MLS provides a frameable IDX search tool in Matrix™, but only active Member Participants and Subscribers of Canopy MLS can use it, and there are a few basic rules to follow. For further information, read Matrix IDX Configuration.

IDX Display (Option 2) -- Data Feed via Web API to IDX Vendor: Canopy MLS also offers an IDX data feed via Web API so that Member Participants and Subscribers can create and maintain their own IDX websites. Here is a short video on the process.  Make sure you contact your vendor so they can initiate the agreement on MLS Grid.


Virtual Office Website (VOW): A VOW is an MP’s website, or a feature of an MP’s website, through which the MP is capable of providing real-estate brokerage services to consumers.  All listings are available to be displayed on VOWs and there is no broker opt-out.  Canopy MLS has contracted with only a handful of VOW websites, while there are thousands of IDX websites. 


Licensee Internal Use (sometimes called Back Office): Requests for Licensee Internal Use are only for internal, back-office functions and cannot provide any public display of listing data. 

For more information on VOWs and Licensee Internal Use visit:


Broker Download (office's own listings): The Broker Download provides a data feed of the office's own listings, which can be used for any purpose.  To obtain a Broker Download for your office, the Member Participant of the office must email [email protected].  

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