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Look for these new fields in Matrix now!
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Look for these new fields in Matrix now!


AboveGradeFinishedArea: Listen up, appraisers! The Above Grade Finished Area calculation is now a searchable field! We backfilled all listings in Matrix with the AboveGradeFinishedArea so that it is immediately searchable. 


AdditionalParcelsDescription: This is a new field for a comma-separated list of additional parcel IDs that are included in a listing. Do not include the first or primary parcel number – that should be located in the Parcel Number field. It is recommended that all Parcel Numbers be provided without dashes or hyphens. Unfortunately, the additional parcel IDs do not link to Realist or Matrix tax searches, but at least there is a specific field now for additional parcel IDs to give you more space in the Remarks fields!


ProjectedClosingDate:  The Projected Closing Date field is a non-mandatory field available when reporting a listing as under contract.  It will follow the “Selling Agent” hierarchy for visibility, except it is applicable for all statuses, including Closed status.  The field will be treated as confidential, except only available in the Broker Download (a download of the firm’s own listings).


These fields and changes will be implemented on Dec. 17, 2019:


CCRSubjectTo: This field is being converted from a Yes/No field that was not required to a multi-select field that is now required. The new options are “Yes, No, Undiscovered.” We anticipate this field will be implemented in Matrix on Dec. 17. All listings and saved searches will be updated automatically.  This field will be required and will fully replace the “CCR Y/N” version we currently have. The existence of restrictive covenants is considered a material fact that must be disclosed to both principals and third persons no matter who an agent represents in a transaction if the agent is aware of such facts or should reasonably be aware of such facts. 


ExteriorConstruction: We anticipate these field changes will be implemented in Matrix on Dec. 17.  This implementation will require a listing backfill and a saved search conversion. 

    1. Change field label from Exterior Construction to Exterior Covering
    2. Move “Brick Solid” into Brick Veneer Full (remove “veneer”)
    3. Change Brick Veneer Partial to Brick Partial
    4. Delete “Brick Solid”
    5. Enhance definitions – Brick Full can include solid brick or full brick cladding


Here’s a recap of the field changes implemented earlier this year!


  • Porch/Deck: All listings that had “Deck” selected in the “ExteriorFeatures” were converted to drop this selection from ExteriorFeatures, and now have “Deck” in the “Porch” field.   All listings and saved searches were updated automatically.
  • Changed “Gas Hot Air” to “Gas Hot Air/Furnace” – We clarified “Gas Hot Air” to mean “Gas Hot Air/Furnace.”
  • Added “Underground Power Lines” to Exterior Features.
  • Added “Tandem Garage” to Parking. A tandem garage is a two-car garage (double garage) that is built so that one car parks in front of the other.
  • Added “g-Electric Vehicle Charging Station” to Parking.
  • Added “Livestock Run In” to Exterior Features.
  • Added “Pocket Door(s)” to the Doors and Windows feature group.
  • Changed “Pool” to “Outdoor Pool” and added “Indoor Pool” in Community Features.
  • Changed “Pond-Unspecified” to “Pond” in the Water Body Name field.


Questions?  Contact Canopy MLS Support at [email protected] or 704-940-3159.

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