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Matrix Conversion Checklist
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Welcome to the new Matrix™ and Data Done Better!

Our Matrix conversion was completed Feb. 7, and we are excited about the benefits it will bring to our members! If you need assistance, the best way to a resolution is to contact Canopy MLS Support, [email protected] or 704-940-3159, Opt. 1.


  1. IMPORTANT: The first time you log in to the Canopy MLS Dashboard after the conversion, you will need to hard refresh your browser. Here’s how:
      • Close all browser windows.
      • Open a browser window and browse to (btw this should be your only bookmark, don't bookmark the login screen).
      • Click the MLS Login button.
      • Enter your credentials and login.
      • Once you are at the Canopy Dashboard, hold down your shift key and click the refresh icon in your browser.
      • Then click the Matrix tile in the dashboard.


  1. Auto-Email and Saved Search Advice: Most Saved Searches and Auto-Emails are working as expected; however, the criteria in some were affected by the conversion. The first step is to review the criteria in the Auto-Email or Saved Search, and revise it to make sure it finds the results you need.  Instructions and issues to watch for:


  1. Exploring and Discovering Issues: This is still Matrix.  The changes were to better organize the data, and improve the ability to interface with other systems which increases your listing’s exposure online.  If you are exploring the changes and you discover an issue or have an idea to improve the system, we want to hear from you.


  1. How Canopy MLS is Responding: Canopy MLS is posting issues reported and how they have been resolved on Matrix.  We appreciate those agents who have been in direct contact with us about these issues so that they can be resolved.  The best way to get resolution to any issue you are experiencing, or to get answers to questions about the new system, Canopy MLS Support is here to help.

Canopy MLS posted this list of issues: 


  1. MLS Touch: Most saved searches and hotsheets created in Matrix or MLS Touch will be available in the app after conversion.  Some saved searches that included criteria in the old Type field will need to be recreated. All other client and agent data and customizations will re-sync.


  1. New Listing Input forms: Use the new Listing Input Forms available at  Canopy MLS licenses the forms to SkySlope and LoneWolf for ZipLogix, and the forms have been updated in those platforms. Members using other forms providers must manually add the forms to their individual or company documents.


  1. Frameable IDX search: Anyone using the frameable IDX search in Matrix will need to update their IDX code, which will require a visit to the Matrix IDX Configuration page and follow those instructions.


  1. Visit the webpage Matrix Database Conversion – Data Done Better for the latest information.
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