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Frequently Asked Questions
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When will the Matrix conversion take place? Will there be any "downtime"?

Feb. 6: Search Only" in Matrix begins. This means it will not be possible to make changes to anything in the MLS. There will be no access to Add/Edit, Contacts, Auto-Emails and Saved Searches.


Feb. 7: The new Matrix system will be available and fully operational, enjoy!


Note:  While our membership department will continue to process requests during this transition, no updates will be transmitted to Matrix during the conversion, Feb. 6, 10 a.m. - Feb. 7, Noon. This includes transfers, resignations, new members, reinstatement, changes to contact information, etc.


Will this conversion be easier than previous conversions?

Yes! This is still the Matrix™ MLS system you’ll be using. The enhanced functionality is minimal and easy to learn. Changes are mostly improvements to field labels making the system more intuitive, and to better organize the data, which maximizes “searchability” within Matrix and increases your listing’s exposure online. Much of the system remains unchanged. Aside from the 24-hour suspension of add/edit, the updates are not expected to hinder the day-to-day operations of our MLS subscribers.


What changes can I expect to see on Feb. 7?

  • Single Family and Condo/Townhouse property categories have been combined into a single Residential property type, and Condo/Townhouse has been split into three options: Condominium, Townhouse, and Stock Cooperative (formerly Co-op).
  • The Commercial property category has been split into separate property types for Commercial Sale and Commercial Lease.
  • Reporting Rooms has been restructured with the ability to describe Room Features and Dimensions.
  • New Add/Edit entry screens with auto geo-coding!
  • Listing Images will now be saved at up to 2048 x 1536 pixels, up from 1024 x 768 pixels in the previous system.
  • Easy to read reports and displays.
  • And more! Click here for details.


Will there be a "parallel" period?

No. Enhanced functionality in the new system is minimal and easy to learn. In addition, a simple cutover makes it easier to convert contacts and saved searches and sync them with multiple systems including OneHome™ and MLS-Touch®. After any conversion, it’s a good idea to check your listings, contacts, saved searches, custom reports and displays to ensure they converted as expected and report any issues to MLS Support.


Will custom settings for searches and displays move over to the updated system?

Yes. Custom settings for searches and displays will remain in place on Feb. 7. Please note, however, that some fields will be moved from “Additional Fields” to the default search form.


How can Canopy MLS subscribers prepare for the Matrix conversion?

Clean out outdated auto emails and Saved Searches. Scrubbing outdated data from the system will make the job easier of double-checking your important contacts and searches after the conversion.


If I have questions, issues or feedback, who can I contact?

Note: High call volume is expected and the best way to report questions, issues or to provide feedback on the conversion is to submit a ticket on the Canopy MLS Support webpage: To contact MLS Support directly call 704-940-3159 or email [email protected] 


Will there be any educational opportunities around this conversion?

Yes. We have created this webpage with information and educational resources for Canopy MLS subscribers. To have a Canopy MLS trainer walk you through these updates, please sign up for an upcoming webinar on this page.


What is the RESO Data Dictionary?

Like the Rosetta Stone, the RESO Data Dictionary provides the real estate industry with a common language that allows data to be easily communicated and interpreted by a wide range of systems and databases.


How will this change affect my IDX website and software?

Vendors, including IDX website providers and software vendors that provide products for brokers, will receive communications about the change from MLS Grid, with supplemental messaging from Canopy MLS staff. Anyone using the frameable IDX search will need to update their IDX code, which will require a visit to the Matrix IDX Configuration page and follow those instructions.


How will the conversion impact Listing Data Checker?

  • Following the Matrix conversion and going live on Feb. 7, there will be a period of approximately three weeks when we will also be converting to a new Listing Data Checker (LDC) system.
  • During this three-week period members will have the opportunity to become accustomed to the changes to the data in Matrix when entering listings, and Canopy MLS compliance staff will be busy testing the new LDC system.
  • The new LDC system will go live on Feb. 28, and the ReportIt icon will reappear in Matrix.


Can violations be reported before Feb. 28?

  • While the LDC system is offline, we will accept alleged violations of the Canopy MLS Rules and Regulations submitted by email to [email protected].


Questions that resulted from the Feb. 1 Realtor® Hot Topic:

In case you missed the Realtor® Hot Topic, you can watch now!


What should agents check search-wise for contacts set up in Matrix and OneHome™, and will Saved Searches convert without any issues?

Contacts, Auto-Emails, and Saved Searches in Matrix will convert. OneHome™ links will redirect seamlessly, and client generated searches and Planner data will convert.


In Matrix, double check the criteria for Saved Searches and Auto-Emails to ensure they are working as desired, pay close attention to any that include the following criteria:

  • Waterfront, Creekfront, Riverfront, Beach Front, combined with Water View: After Feb. 7, searching for listings that are either Waterfront or Water View will require two separate searches. 
  • Levels Above-Grade and Basement: On Feb. 7, if your client would be okay with or without a basement, then be sure the Basement field does not have "Basement" selected.
  • Parking: On Feb. 7, review any Saved Searches that utilize the Parking Features field to ensure the new parking spaces fields meet your client’s needs.


What happens if someone doesn’t fix a search for a contact?

There is no need to modify Saved Searches prior to the conversion.  We recommend checking Saved Searches per the criteria outlined in the Matrix Conversion Checklist. Just to clarify, Auto-Emails will continue to be sent.


Will Incomplete listings convert over?

Incomplete listings that are less than six months old will transition over, and in the new system, Incomplete listings will only be stored in Matrix for a maximum of six months, after which point they will be dropped. Listings that are in Coming Soon-No Show, Active, or any other status will not be affected, and will still be kept forever.


Also, Incomplete listings will no longer be "indexed" by the Matrix search. This means they will not be available in any search "Results" lists. In the new system it will still be possible to view the "My Incomplete Listings" list, but the option to run that as a "full search" will not be available. By removing Incomplete listings from the search feature of Matrix, our system engineers have found the search system performance increased by as much as 30 to 40%!


Will the conversation affect existing listings and photos?

All listings and photos in the Canopy MLS system will convert. (We have data going back to 1997!) Changes to fields and field names are logical and easily understandable. Our Was There, Now Here guide provides the field and data changes that will take place as part of the Canopy MLS transition to an MLS database that is fully compliant with the RESO Data Dictionary standard.


Listing Images will now be saved at up to 2048 x 1536 pixels, up from 1024 x 768 pixels in the previous system. These larger format images will be made available to all websites and 3rd party data recipients.


Will smaller photos be rejected or reformatted?

Smaller photos are still fine to upload as long as they are at least 1024 pixels wide x 768 pixels tall in size.


Will Room Dimensions be mandatory?

No, Room Dimensions are optional. 


Will the Room Dimensions be interior or exterior measurements?

Room Dimensions in most cases will be interior.


Are the Room Dimension measurements a range?



Should Room Dimensions be measured professionally for accuracy?

Just like every other field in the MLS, agents are responsible for the accuracy of the representations they make. Whether you measure the room width and length yourself, or hire a professional, or choose not to provide room dimensions is your decision.


Will townhomes and condominiums be separate now?

The Single Family and Condo/Townhouse property categories have been combined into a single Residential property type.


The selection of “Condo/Townhouse” has now been split into three options: Condominium, Townhouse, and Stock Cooperative (formerly Co-op).


How will Condo/Townhouse Saved Searches convert?

Condo/Townhouse Saved Searches will convert to include Condominium, Townhouse and Stock Cooperative listings, unless the Saved Search included specific criteria in the Ownership Type and LandYN fields.


When will we see internet provider as a required utility option?

The new “Utilities” field includes the options for Cable Available, Cable Connected, Fiber Optics, Satellite Internet Available, Wired Internet Available. This Canopy MLS Support Knowledgebase article provides additional resources for determining specific ISPs that serve a particular area:


Similar requests for a field to name specific internet service providers have been declined by the Canopy MLS Board of Directions. Instead, the recommendation is for listing agents to attach the Utility Providers Questionnaire available on the Canopy MLS Forms page to their listings to describe internet availability (as well as other services).


Is there a way to search by Yearly HOA Expense?

Yes! In 2022 Canopy MLS implemented a new field called “Yearly HOA Expense.” Read Canopy MLS has made it easy to search for HOA Fees with "Yearly HOA Expense."


Was an email sent concerning Frameable IDX code? I did not receive one. Are we still having email problems?

An email was sent to all Subscribers with framed active IDX pages within Matrix. If you did not receive the email, follow these instructions any time after February 07, 2023. Questions or concerns, please send an email to [email protected].


Sometimes our emails get caught in spam filters. Follow these steps to ensure you will receive Canopy MLS emails.


Does Canopy MLS have a mobile app?

Yes, check out MLS Touch!


Is there a quick list of things to check in Matrix on Feb. 7 to make sure all converted correctly?

Yes, we have already prepared a checklist to assist you! Matrix Conversion Checklist


How do you input a one-story house with a basement?

In the “Levels Above-Grade” field select “1 Story” and in the BasementYN field select “Yes.”


Will you be changing the Listing Input Forms?

Yes, new Listing Input Forms are now available on this webpage. Canopy MLS licenses the forms to SkySlope and LoneWolf for ZipForm™, and the forms will be updated in these platforms as soon as possible. Members using other forms providers must manually add the forms to their individual or company documents.


Will you be able to search for two-car garage if needed?

Yes, we will have a few new parking space fields: Garage Spaces, Carport Spaces, Open Parking Spaces, Assigned Spaces, and Covered Spaces!


How will waterfront searches be impacted?

After Feb. 7, searching for listings that are either Waterfront or Water View will require two separate searches. 


Can I search for waterfront properties with a dock or pier?

The Lake/Water Amenities field is unchanged and should see no impact from the conversion. Canopy MLS has been preparing for this project for a few years by only implementing new fields and enumerations that comply with the RESO Data Dictionary, and the Lake/Water Amenities field is a prime example.


What is the Matrix Testing tab?

It is only available to Canopy MLS staff and is an extra step we take to ensure that test listings are not seen by agents or the public.


Will we be able to add captions under each photo?

Yes, Photo Captions will continue to be offered in the new system.


Can you create a new listing using the subject property from a CMA?

As with our current system, our new Matrix system has the ability to create a CMA from an existing listing, but it does not have the ability to create a listing from a CMA.  This is certainly an idea we will discuss with our vendor for future inclusion in a Matrix update though!


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