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Waterfront and waterbody-related options
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Canopy MLS has several options for reporting features of a property that relate to nearby bodies of water.  First, when using the "Lot Description" field, a property's proximity to a waterbody can be indicated through one of several options:


  • "Beachfront", "Riverfront", or "Waterfront" are used to indicate that a property is directly adjacent to a body of water
  • "Waterview" or "Lake Access" are used to indicate a property is not directly adjacent to a waterbody, but there is one nearby


The "Waterbody Name" field is available to all listings.  When any of the Lot Description options described above is selected, Matrix will require the "Waterbody Name" field be filled in, otherwise the field will be optional.  Canopy MLS only includes the names of major bodies of water - lakes, rivers, and oceans.  Smaller bodies of water, such as creeks and ponds, even when named, are not included in our "Waterbody name" list. 


  • When listing a property adjacent (or wholly inclusive of) a creek or a pond, enter only "Creek" or "Pond" into the Waterbody Name field
  • If there is a nearby lake that is unnamed, there are three options in the Waterbody Name Field, choose the one that best represents the waterbody:
    • Unnamed Lake
    • Private Lake
    • Community Lake
  • If the body of water is named, but that name is not available in the Canopy MLS "Waterbody Name" list, click the  icon to the right of the field to open the Help window.  This window includes a place to request a name be added to the list.  


Within the "Community Features" field there is also an option for "Lake".  This is to indicate that the community where the listed property is is either adjacent to a lake or wholly surrounds a lake - even if the listed property itself is not adjacent to that lake.  


In addition to reporting proximity to a body of water, property or community features related to that waterbody can be described in the "Lake/Water Amenities" field.  Like with the Waterbody Name field, this field will be required if any of the "Lot Description" options mentioned above are selected.  For all other listings this field will be optional.  The options available in the Lake/Water Amenities field are:


  • Beach
  • Beach-Community
  • Boat House
  • Boat Lift
  • Boat Lift-Community
  • Boat Ramp
  • Boat Ramp-Community
  • Boat Slip-Community
  • Boat Slip (Deed)
  • Boat Slip (Lease/License)
  • Covered structure
  • Dock-Community
  • Floating Dock
  • Paddlesport Launch Site
  • Paddlesport Launch Site-Community
  • Personal Watercraft Lift
  • Pier
  • Pier-Community
  • Retaining Wall
  • Stationary Dock
  • Other-See Media Remarks
  • None
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