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Change Listing from Expired to Active
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  • Only the Listing Agent (or a Firm/Office Broker or Assistant) can change a listing from Expired to Active.
  • Expired listings can only be reactivated for 30 days after the expiration date.
  • Reactivated listings continue counting Days on Market (DOM).  In order for the DOM and Cumulative Days on Market (CDOM) fields to start over at zero, you must input a new listing with a new MLS number. When a new listing is entered, “CDOM” will only reset to zero if the previous listing closed or has been off market (Temporarily off Market, Expired or Withdrawn) for more than 90 days. 



  From the Matrix Navigation menu, click the “Add/Edit” tab

  You can type in the MLS# in the Quick Modify section and click the Edit option to bring up your listing.

 On the Modify Listing page in the "Select Form" section click "Change to Active," update the expiration date and click "Submit Listing" to change the listing to the active status. 



  •  Expiration dates can only updated to a future date.  If your expiration date needs to be changed to an earlier date contact the MLS help desk to have this changed.
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